Hello, I'm a Graphic Designer from Victoria, BC, Canada. I hold a Visual Art Diploma majoring in Graphics from Vancouver Island University.

Tom Spetter Design
Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that's why it is so complicated. - Paul Rand

Tom Spetter Design helps businesses and organizations of all sizes generate sales, attract customers, build awareness through well-designed websites, logos, brochures, ads and other communications pieces. Tom is a Victoria, BC based designer with specialist skills in graphic design, web design and content management systems.

Why choose Tom for your next project?

Business professionals look to Tom Spetter Design for a wide variety of projects, from creating their latest advertising campaign or corporate website to establishing a comprehensive brand identity.

Tom has a love for anything design related. With almost three decades of experience, Tom’s design and web coding skills are unparalleled. As the exclusive designer for Victoria’s annual Goodlife Fitness Victoria Marathon, his Indigenous designs are proudly worn by tens of thousands of runners not only across the country but also worldwide. He has designed websites, magazines, books, advertisements and iOS apps for popular name brands both in Canada and abroad.

Tom is also an award-winning illustrator, a highly accomplished designer and an expert in content management system integration. He is a celebrated graduate of Vancouver Island University and holds a diploma in Graphic Design minoring in Computer Sciences.

Services Offered

Tom standing in front of his version of Raven Steals fire from the sun.
My team expands based on the needs of the project. I work closely with a small group of trusted partners that includes experts in a variety of fields. Tom prides his self on providing an honest, hands-on approach with each client in a friendly, collaborate environment.
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