12 Years of Victoria Marathon’s First Nations Designs

12 Years of Victoria Marathon’s First Nations Designs

Posted in News on Sep 15, 2019

12 Years of art for the GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon

Wow, time flies. It has been a dozen years since the Royal Victora Marathon (and then later the renamed GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon) started showcasing my artwork on their race shirts, and jackets.

This year, the 40th Anniversary of the Marathon, the Marathon decided to ask social media which of the past years’ designs was their favourite. We would then update the design to use for the 2019 race. The votes came in, and the winner was the first design I ever created for the Marathon, a whale. In the image above, you can see the 2008 version in roughly the One O’clock position, with the updated orca in the centre.

For fun, I also dug out of the archives one of the original mockups we used to advertise the shirts in the local newspapers.

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