A composite photo/digital illustration of the Songhees Wellness Centre, the location of Animikii's headquarters. The building is surrounded by a vast green lawn covered with Camas flowers. Two Thunderbirds are depicted hovering in the sky, facing west towards the setting sun.

Animikii Thunderbirds

I was honoured to design Animikii's 2020 Impact Report, a company I recently joined. The company values are deeply rooted in Indigenous knowledge, specifically the seven sacred teachings. The headquarters are located in the Songhees Wellness Centre, which sits on the traditional territory of the Lək̓ʷəŋən (Lkwungen, Songhees, and Esquimalt) Peoples of the Coast Salish Nation.

To create an image for the report, I took four separate photographs of the Songhees Wellness Centre and the surrounding landscape, which I then stitched them together using Photoshop. Next, I replaced the parking lot with a grass field adorned with Camas. Next, I sketched out and constructed the two Thunderbirds as a layered vector file using Adobe Illustrator. Finally, I used these layers as masks in Photoshop to airbrush highlights and shadows into the sky, resulting in a 3D semi-translucent look.

The Thunderbird is a powerful and robust supernatural being in numerous cultures across Turtle Island (North America).

See Animikii's 2020 Impact Report.