Two Raven Moon brooches are displayed side by side on a blue two-toned canvas background. One brooch features gold and diamonds, while the other features silver and moonstone. The design of the brooches depicts a  West Coast-style raven head and a moon intertwined.

Idar & Roy Henry Vickers Raven Moon

These Raven Moon broaches are a stunning collaborative design by renowned jewelry designer Idar and award-winning First Nations artist Roy Henry Vickers. One version features gold and diamonds, while the other showcases silver and moonstone. 

Despite their beauty, capturing their essence through photography was no small feat. The highly reflective convex surfaces of the broaches reflected everything in their surroundings. To capture the perfect shot, I covered the entrance of a photo tent with paper, leaving only a small hole for the camera lens to peek through. The resulting images were then retouched to remove any unwanted reflections of the camera, resulting in a true showcase of the broaches' stunning design.