An IMAX 3D Lenticular poster featuring a dramatic and surreal photoshop composition. The IMAX Myrtle Beach building is prominently displayed against a city skyline and a large moon while a roaring T-rex looms in the background. In the sky, a great white shark circles ominously. In the foreground, a man and his son stand in awe of the incredible scenery.

IMAX 3D Lenticular Poster

Lenticular printing is an imaging technology that employs a special lenticular lens to create images that appear to have depth and the ability to change or move when viewed from different angles.

This particular image was originally designed as a poster for IMAX Myrtle Beach, utilizing lenticular printing to showcase the stunning 3-D capabilities of IMAX shows. The design features the unique architecture of the building and the massive size of the IMAX screen that sets it apart.