A digital rendering of Bill Reid's 'Raven and the First Men' sculpture, featuring a raven perched on a clamshell containing human figures. The sculpture is set against a dark background and shown on a beach at sunset, with rays of light shining from the clamshell.

Raven and the First Men

Inspired by my love for Bill Reid's art, I began working on a study of his renowned sculpture "Raven and the First Men" in acrylic paints. However, I quickly realized that I was more accustomed to the forgiving, slow-drying nature of oil paints. Nonetheless, having used digital photography and photo retouching in my professional work for years, I was inspired to merge my skills with my passion for west coast art styles. The challenge of working with acrylics that dry faster than I paint, coupled with the beauty and intricacy of the sculpture, led me to experiment with digital techniques, resulting in a unique fusion of traditional and contemporary art. This study is my humble tribute to Bill Reid and the rich cultural heritage of the Pacific Northwest.