A majestic black raven soars through the clear blue sky above a range of rugged mountains. In its sharp beak, the raven carries a glowing fireball, which trails a plume of thick, smoky clouds behind it. The raven's wings are outstretched, its feathers sleek and glossy, and its piercing gaze is intently ahead. The overall effect is one of wild beauty and untamed power, evoking the vast and awe-inspiring landscapes of the Pacific Northwest.

Raven steals fire from the sun

This captivating image tells the story of Raven, the clever trickster of Pacific Northwest mythology, who stole the sun, moon, stars, fire, and water from their guardian, Grey Eagle. With daring and resourcefulness, Raven liberated these elements and placed them in their rightful positions in the world. However, while bringing fire to the land, Raven's body and wings became smoke-blackened, a symbolic reminder of the transformative power of creation and destruction. Through its striking imagery and evocative storytelling, this artwork captures the enduring significance of Raven's legend in the region's cultural traditions.