Digital Illustration

Why Digital Illustration

Digital Illustration

Generally, most business promotion utilizes a lot of stock photography. While this is not necessarily bad, it can start to look the same as the competition. Sometimes, your business competitors have access to the exact same stock images. If you want your marketing to stand out, digital illustration can complement and strengthen your brand.

Other times you may have a concept that is not quite ready to photograph, or it may be too complex to portray in a photo. In this case, photographs can be used as a source or starting point and built upon to complete your vision. Imagery can be created without pictures as a base, and because illustrations are versatile, can take on any tone and feel that you like.

That is where style comes into play. I have a distinctive photo-realistic style and am also quite comfortable with airbrush looks and cartoon renders. But if you are looking for another form, let me know. I have friends in the field.

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