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When you're looking for a phone number or address these days what is your go-to resource? For most people it has become the web. When it's your company they are looking for you will want to make sure that the page they land on supports your brand in every way possible. And by the way, creating a website doesn't have to cost a fortune.

One of the main things to look out for these days is a good mobile user design. Mobile Internet usage is evolving quite quickly, but sadly a lot of websites are not keeping up. In a report by comScore, about 40 percent of Internet traffic is now on mobile devices. Visitors can easily become frustrated if your site is not mobile friendly. Fortunately, there are a few solutions.

Converting a Site to Mobile

Becuase every website is unique, we cannot recommend a generic solution for all. The best solution is to analyze your situation to see what works for your website. To help you out, read on for a few sample solutions...

Mobile Landing Page

If you are not ready to commit to fully supporting a mobile website, you should at least have a fast loading, easy to navigate, mobile landing page. To set this up, we create a mobile specific layout that allows on-the-go visitors to quickly access to such items as your telephone number, hours, maps and directions.

Dedicated Mobile Site

If you have a large following on an existing site, where viewers may not take kindly to any changes to the layout or navigation, a dedicated site can be a great option. Creating a dedicated mobile site can also give you some great options like making a unique app like experience for your viewers.

Responsive Website

This may be the best way to future-proof your website. Today, Internet capable devices range from 3" phone displays to 27" widescreen monitors. With some careful planning one site can be designed to work well on both of these sizes and everything in between.

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